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Parallels Desktop 18

Er is een nieuwe versie van de virtualisatiesoftware Parallels Desktop voor Mac uitgekomen. Het gaat om versie 18. Nieuw in deze versie is dat je met één enkele klik Windows 11 in Parallels kunt downloaden en installeren. Je kunt vanuit Parallels ook direct Windows 11 aanschaffen, dat werkt wel alleen op Intel-Macs. Die functie is mogelijk gemaakt dankzij samenwerking met Microsoft. Ook handig is dat Parallels de compatibiliteit verbetert als je Windows 11 draait op een Mac met Apple Silicon. Applicaties die gemaakt zijn voor de Intel- of AMD-chips werken daardoor een stuk beter.

Verder zien we in deze versie dat er ondersteuning voor het ProMotion-beeldscherm van Apple is toegevoegd. Dat betekent dat Parallels nu de hoge refresh rate van het scherm ondersteunt, namelijk 120 Hz. Dat is vooral handig voor de 14 en 16 inch MacBook Pro’s met Apple Silicon. Nog een verbetering is dat er nu betere ondersteuning is toegevoegd voor gamecontrollers in een virtual machine met Windows. Je kunt nu gamecontrollers die je hebt verbonden met Mac, zoals een Xbox- of PlayStation-controller, direct daarin gebruiken.

Parallels Desktop 18 kost 99,99 euro voor een licentie voor thuisgebruik. De pro-versie kost 119,99 euro en de business-versie 149,99 euro. Als je wilt upgraden, kost dat 69,99 euro voor de huis-tuin-keukenversie en tijdelijk ook voor de pro-versie. Parallels kun je 14 dagen gratis proberen. Het volledige changelog van deze versie vind je hieronder.




## Parallels Desktop 18 for Mac 18.0.0 (53049) ### Ready for macOS Ventura 13

As a main operating system:

  • Parallels Desktop 18 fully supports macOS Ventura 13, so you can upgrade your Mac computers (Apple M series chips or Intel processors) when the new operating system is available.
  • On Mac computers with Apple M series chips, added the ability to boot macOS Ventura VM to Recovery Mode and disable System Integrity Protection.

As a virtual machine:

  • Run macOS Ventura 13 in a virtual machine.


For Apple M series chip Mac computers:

On Mac computers with a ProMotion display, Windows will now adopt display refresh rate changes automatically if it has been changed in macOS. Improved default resolution in macOS virtual machines.


For all supported Mac computers:

  • Parallels Tools update will be installed upon Windows restart to prevent unwanted interruptions.
  • Safari will now use Parallels account credentials previously created in Parallels Desktop.
  • Editing Parallels Desktop network preferences is now much easier and protected from both human errors and conflicts with the macOS network.
  • Redesigned virtual machine Sharing options for better usability.

For Intel-based Mac computers:

  • Download and install Windows 11 via the in-product offer.
  • When using the Parallels hypervisor, Parallels Desktop now displays a notification informing you about system memory issues if they occur.


For Apple M series chip Mac computers:

  • Parallels Tools driver responsible for Shared Folders functionality has been re-built to ARM architecture to provide better compatibility with Intel applications in Windows running on Apple M series Mac.
  • On Mac computers with a ProMotion display, the macOS menu bar remains visible for virtual machines in full-screen mode when configured accordingly.


For all supported Mac computers: -A new virtual controller device is automatically created in Windows when a Bluetooth controller is connected to the Mac, allowing users to play Windows games with Xbox, DualSense, and other game controllers.

  • The Virtio network driver used in Windows and Linux by default now supports jumbo Ethernet frames. Improved USB 3.0 support: Works with live data streaming devices (webcams, game capture devices, and a range of other video and audio streaming devices, including Elgato HD60 S, SOCT Copernicus REVO, and more).
  • Improved mouse precision in Windows when the mouse is in gaming mode.

For Apple M series chip Mac computers:

  • Added the ability to use network boot with Linux ARM virtual machines.


For all supported Mac computers:

  • Updated the Parallels Desktop menu bar icon design.
  • Virtual machine and Shared Applications icons in the Dock don’t have the Parallels logo anymore. To distinguish Windows apps from macOS apps, tag the virtual machine with color in Finder or via the Control Center context menu.
  • New navigation, search functionality, and feedback forms have been introduced to Parallels online documentation.


For all supported Mac computers:

  • Downloadable Linux virtual machines have been updated with the latest OS versions (also known as virtual appliances or free systems).

For Apple M series chip Mac computers:

  • Added the ability to select Windows 11 edition before installing via the in-product offer.

Parallels Desktop 18 for Mac Pro Edition only

For all supported Mac computers:

  • Parallels plug-in for Visual Studio has been updated with functionality that allows C++ developers to profile their applications in separate virtual machines. For Apple M series chip Mac computers:

  • On Mac Studio with Apple M1 Ultra chip, assign up to 62 GB RAM and up to 18 CPU cores to Windows and get up to 96% faster Windows 11 on your Mac.*

  • Added the ability to add/remove, start/stop, and clone macOS virtual machines using Parallels Desktop CLI tools.

  • Added the Network Conditioner feature for configuring various network conditions in the virtual machine.

  • Added the option in Parallels Desktop Network preferences to connect or isolate macOS from virtual networks.

Parallels Desktop 18 for Mac Business Edition only

For all supported Mac computers:

  • Added SSO/SAML support that allows employees to activate Parallels Desktop with their corporate account.
  • Added support for Windows 11 mass deployment and provisioning.
  • Added the ability to manage Parallels Customer Experience Program participation centrally in Parallels My Account.

What was Deprecated or Removed from Parallels Desktop 18

According to the statistics from the users who participate in the Parallels Customer Experience program, some product features are used very seldom or not at all. We have decided to either stop supporting them or completely remove them from Parallels Desktop and focus on frequently used features and further enhancements.

Please see below which features were removed and which were deprecated. If a feature is removed, it is no longer available in Parallels Desktop 18. Deprecated features will continue to work, but are no longer supported and will be removed in the next product version.

All the features mentioned below are not business-critical, so these changes will have little to no impact on your work.

Removed features:

Support for End-of-Life Linux distributions.

  • Performance measurements conducted by Parallels by collecting the PassMark9 score in Windows 11 (22000) in macOS 12 on Mac13,2. Measured with a pre-release version of Parallels Desktop 18 versus the released version of Parallels Desktop 17. The performance will vary based on usage, system configuration, and other factors.