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LibreOffice 7.5.1

LibreOffice is een populaire open-source officesuite. Het bevat applicaties zoals Calc voor het maken van spreadsheets, Writer voor het bewerken van tekstdocumenten, Impress voor het maken van presentaties, Math voor wiskundige formules en Base voor het maken van databases.

LibreOffice is in veel Linux-distributies de standaardkeuze als officesuite. Oorspronkelijk stamt LibreOffice af van OpenOffice. Documenten gemaakt in LibreOffice worden opgeslagen in het OpenDocument-formaat, een open bestandsformaat. Ook kun je met LibreOffice bestanden van Microsoft Office openen en bewerken.

Wat is er nieuw

De ontwikkelaars van LibreOffice hebben versie 7.5.1 uitgebracht. Deze versie lost een waslijst aan bugs op na de grote update van vorige week, versie 7.5. In versie 7.5 was het uiterlijk van de suite verbeterd, met een betere donkere modus en nieuwe iconen. Deze versie verbetert de donkere modus verder, door bugs met onleesbare tekst op te lossen. Je vindt de volledige changelog van deze nieuwe versie hieronder.

LibreOffice-startpagina met overzicht van alle applicaties.

Screenshot van LibreOffice Writer.


Versienummer 7.5.1
Releasestatus Stable
Platformen Windows, Mac, Linux
Uitgebracht op 02-03-2023
Ontwikkelaar The Document Foundation
Licentie Gratis, open-source



Bugs fixed compared to 7.5.0 RC3:

  1. ofz#55499 output buffer has to at least be the same size as input buffer [Caolán McNamara]
  2. ofz#55751 check that level is valid [Caolán McNamara]
  3. ofz#555520 check level is < MAX_OUTLINE_LEVEL [Caolán McNamara]
  4. tdf#45147 right-to-left words appear in the wrong order in the CSV import dialog [Andreas Heinisch]
  5. tdf#45854 ODF database mime-type confusion [Michael Stahl]
  6. tdf#114973 Ctrl+A and Select All don't work when paragraph at the start or end of document body is hidden [Michael Stahl]
  7. tdf#130782 docx alt text for charts not shown if document has been edited in Word [Michael Stahl]
  8. tdf#131386 Hidden linebreaks are ignored on creating pdf from rtf document [Michael Stahl]
  9. tdf#135938 Highlighted cross-reference is not displayed in dialog "Name" entry [Andreas Heinisch]
  10. tdf#141684 Groupedbar Compact changes when cursor is in table [Xisco Fauli]
  11. tdf#147122 Different behavior in basic LO 6.x and (calc) [Andreas Heinisch]
  12. tdf#147342 [macOS] UI Scale not working on non HighDPI external display when using Skia and a laptop with Retina display (HighDPI) [Patrick Luby]
  13. tdf#147740 Lower icons disappear in groupedbar compact user interface [Szymon Kłos]
  14. tdf#148000 FILEOPEN PPTX: curved text doesn't line break properly and becomes too wide [Attila Szűcs]
  15. tdf#148085 About dialog hyperlinks look bad (invisible / have no contrast) in dark mode on Windows [Caolán McNamara]
  16. tdf#148360 FILEOPEN: Incorrect indent of first line [Justin Luth]
  17. tdf#148952 Filesave DOCX: Alt Text field of image is lost on open in LO and in MSO [Michael Stahl]
  18. tdf#149412 Incorrect/unexpected click+drag behavior in animations list (gtk3) [Caolán McNamara]
  19. tdf#150197 number lost (after assigning numbering to style) when exporting to DOCX [Justin Luth]
  20. tdf#150806 FILESAVE: Image duplicates / aspect ratio changes after ODT save (track changes involved) [Miklos Vajna]
  21. tdf#151627 Skia rendering (both Vulkan and raster) artifacts in the sd slidesorter, crashes with Vulkan [Julien Nabet]
  22. tdf#151682 Calc: Editing area in Formula bar appears cropped [Samuel Mehrbrodt]
  23. tdf#152073 Glitch rendering line numbers in Basic IDE editor (kf5 only) [Michael Weghorn]
  24. tdf#152404 Crash in Writer when using Japanese Hiragana input method and shortcut Ctrl+Alt+C to insert a new comment while there is uncommitted text [Caolán McNamara]
  25. tdf#152486 macOS: Dark Mode: Release notes button unreadable [Caolán McNamara]
  26. tdf#152493 FILESAVE WebDAV upload (updating an existing remote file) fails with LO 7.4 (i.e. with libcurl), and no workaround any more (-with-webdav=neon) [László Németh]
  27. tdf#152541 Thin, gray vertical line (field) before all headings after inserting Table of Contents [László Németh]
  28. tdf#152559 Skia - LibreOffice Draw crashed when I zoom in the view of a diagram [Julien Nabet]
  29. tdf#152637 macOS: dark mode: calc: Format Cells: example text black on dark background [Caolán McNamara]
  30. tdf#152642 Headings in DeepL and LanguageTool settings pages jump around as you flick through them due to them not following the HIG [Caolán McNamara]
  31. tdf#152669 Some ruled lines in the table are not set in cases other than "Left-to-Right(Horizontal)". [Miklos Vajna]
  32. tdf#152703 Skia - resizing StartCenter window with mouse leaves black undrawn areas until mouse button released [Patrick Luby]
  33. tdf#152722 NatNum12 number format (spell out): add/delete decimal places is loosing format [Laurent Balland]
  34. tdf#152726 Pasting Selection to Sheet as BMP Image, Text of Button is getting bigger. [Noel Grandin]
  35. tdf#152738 LO75RC1: Automatic spell-check not underlining misspelled words; dialog doesn't use paragraph's language [László Németh]
  36. tdf#152774 MATCH and HLOOKUP/VLOOKUP return incorrect result when searching for a string in a mixed numeric/string matrix [Winfried Donkers]
  37. tdf#152872 Layout: Hidden paragraph end separates paragraphs in print mode [Michael Stahl]
  38. tdf#152884 FILEOPEN DOCX character transparency is not set in case of theme colors [Regina Henschel]
  39. tdf#152921 Sidebar deck is shown as "selected active" when closing with grey cross [Jim Raykowski]
  40. tdf#152952 FILEOPEN RTF Hyperlinks text is hyphenated [Michael Stahl]
  41. tdf#152961 UI frozen on opening ODT, stuck on legacy.tools lngprophelp.cxx warning [Miklos Vajna]
  42. tdf#152964 Crash on undo deletion of table with track changes enabled [László Németh]
  43. tdf#152989 XLSX: After editing the embedded object, the rectangle size is incorrect [Tünde Tóth]
  44. tdf#152991 PPTX: In Impress after editing the embedded object, the rectangle size is incorrect [Tünde Tóth]
  45. tdf#152994 Daily Screenshot Build failure [Caolán McNamara]
  46. tdf#153000 FILEOPEN DOCX file types MSO_SPT=25 to 31 are wrongly rendered [Julien Nabet]
  47. tdf#153006 Report Builder: Format for inserting Date and Time changed to "week of the year" and "timestamp" (Linux) [Noel Grandin]
  48. tdf#153036 FILEOPEN PPTX resized connector broken [Attila Szűcs]
  49. tdf#153039 (LO 7.4) Multiple bugs while submitting XML from XForms document [Michael Stahl]
  50. tdf#153045 FILEOPEN: DOCX: incorrect height of row in table [Miklos Vajna]
  51. tdf#153046 FILEOPEN: RTF: Text is aligned incorrectly [Miklos Vajna]
  52. tdf#153047 PDF Export: default text in content control is gone [Miklos Vajna]
  53. tdf#153078 Whole section of Groupedbar Compact UI disappear [Xisco Fauli]
  54. tdf#153082 FILEOPEN DOCX List separator not considered with TOC using custom styles [Michael Stahl]
  55. tdf#153083 FILEOPEN DOCX Localized style name not merged in TOC settings, unlike in Navigator style list [Michael Stahl]
  56. tdf#153088 Dark Mode: Calc: Format Cells > Font + Font Effects sample text should be white [Caolán McNamara]
  57. tdf#153090 FILEOPEN DOCX TOF incorrect when based on para style instead of category [Michael Stahl]
  58. tdf#153091 Pasting from nedit (on Linux) not working. [Caolán McNamara]
  59. tdf#153092 text is missing inside and right side of image on docx on page 2 [Caolán McNamara]
  60. tdf#153094 FILESAVE: DOC: Wrong height in table after RT in MSO [Mike Kaganski]
  61. tdf#153096 Manage Changes dialog columns broken for cell content changes [Eike Rathke]
  62. tdf#153104 List numbering restarts at 1 in Word after a specific DOCX roundtrip [Mike Kaganski]
  63. tdf#153128 Tiny first line in a DOCX is imported with large height [Mike Kaganski]
  64. tdf#153136 Lines with spaces have wrong height in DOCX [Mike Kaganski]
  65. tdf#153185 The linked ole object disappears after export [Tünde Tóth]
  66. tdf#153203 FILESAVE DOCX Chart objects accessible description not saved [Michael Stahl]
  67. tdf#153220 CRASH: Clicking on Border and background after undoing header insertion [Caolán McNamara]
  68. tdf#153235 Layout is broken after a macro until update/save-and-reload [Mike Kaganski]
  69. tdf#153258 FILEOPEN DOCX VML some WordArt is not detected as Fontwork and thus shrinks to nominal text size [Regina Henschel]
  70. tdf#153260 FILESAVE DOCX VML write trim=t for Fontwork shapes [Regina Henschel]
  71. tdf#153272 Writer Macro Find with certain Search Attributes performs Replacement. [Julien Nabet]
  72. tdf#153273 Scroll bar not in dark mode when system dark mode enabled [Caolán McNamara]
  73. tdf#153287 Dark mode: Combo box and Edit box look and feel inconsistent on Windows [Caolán McNamara]
  74. tdf#153304 Changing as-char object properties via UNO API behaves wrong [Mike Kaganski]
  75. tdf#153319 Crash in: SwFrame::GetPhyPageNum() const or SwFrame::ImplFindPageFrame() shortly after opening ODT [Caolán McNamara]
  76. tdf#153321 Notebook Bar (MUFFIN) separator color inconsistent in dark mode [Caolán McNamara]
  77. tdf#153341 Copied HTML text which uses the alpha channel is pasted either without it (when rgb(r g b / a) notation is used) or without any color (when rgba(r, g, b, a) notation is used) [Julien Nabet]
  78. tdf#153353 When switching between freedesktop light and dark mode, Calc's formula bar text entry has leftover colors from the previous theme [Caolán McNamara]
  79. tdf#153376 Too Much Line Spacing for Font KJV1611 [Khaled Hosny]
  80. tdf#153423 Formatting: AutoCorrect numbered lists incorrectly starts list with 10 [Justin Luth]
  81. tdf#153434 crash clicking on "tools -> macro -> manage macro -> basic -> new" [Caolán McNamara]
  82. tdf#153436 Arabic spell checking is not available with macOS Spell Checker [Khaled Hosny]
  83. tdf#153438 LiberaOffice Draw Portable: "Replace" button is not active in Tools->Color Replacer [Caolán McNamara]

Bugs fixed compared to 7.5.1 RC1:

  1. tdf#123139 Reading XLSX format ignores horizontal alignment (generated with Apache POI Java library) [Eike Rathke]
  2. tdf#132714 Crash when icon deleting table-row used for diagram generation. [László Németh]
  3. tdf#139934 FILEOPEN: Date is shown as an integer [Eike Rathke]
  4. tdf#150380 Calc crash when clicking on the title of the Border Color toolbar popdown [Noel Grandin]
  5. tdf#153229 [RFE] Please provide a user preference to disable inheriting the system UI theme [Caolán McNamara]
  6. tdf#153244 Insert - Caption - Options - Separator does not work (resets to previous values) [Szymon Kłos]
  7. tdf#153566 Windows Dark mode: toolbar context menus have light-on-light header [Caolán McNamara]
  8. tdf#153622 Crash in: SvListView::SelectListEntry(SvTreeListEntry *,bool) [Caolán McNamara]
  9. tdf#153724 A macro which is executed in older versions but not in newer versions. [Mike Kaganski]