Featured image of post Synology DSM 7.2.1 build 69057 Update 4

Synology DSM 7.2.1 build 69057 Update 4

Synology's Disk Station Manager, or DSM for short, is the operating system for NAS systems from Synology. DSM is known for being very user-friendly, with a desktop that looks like Windows and has the option to open multiple apps at once.

DSM has many built-in apps, such as File Station which you can use to manage your shared folders, Download Station for downloading files from all kinds of sources, Video Station for viewing movies and videos, Photos for managing your photos, Web Station for hosting your websites and much more. You can install and update the packages yourself via the Package Center.

Make sure you keep Synology DSM up to date, since regularly important security updates are released.

What’s new

Synology has released version 7.2.1 build 69057 Update 4 of Disk Station Manager. This version fixes a bug in Cloud Sync and Drive ShareSync, in which these apps would not function correctly if Active Insight was also active on the system. Furthermore, this update fixes a number of security issues. So you probably don't want to wait too long with updating to this release.

Screenshot of Control Panel in DSM

Screenshot of Package Center in DSM


Version number 7.2.1 build 69057 Update 4
Release status Stable
Platforms Synology
Released at 16-01-2024
Developer Synology
License Free


You can update your NAS as follows. In DSM, go to the Control panel. Then chose for Update & Restore. DSM will now check automatically for new releases and will give you the option to install the update. In case you want to manually install the update, click on the option Manual DSM Update. Select the downloaded *.pat file which is suitable for your NAS and start the upgrade.


Important notes

  • Your Synology NAS may not notify you of this DSM update because of the following reasons. If you want to update your DSM to this version now, please click here to update it manually.
    • Your DSM is working fine without having to update. The system evaluates service statuses and system settings to determine whether it needs to update to this version.
  • Depending on your Synology NAS model, this update will restart the device.

Fixed Issues

  • Fixed an issue where Cloud Sync and Drive ShareSync couldn't function properly when Active Insight was running on Synology NAS.
  • Fixed multiple security vulnerabilities
urity vulnerabilities